How to turn on or off location services in iPad

Location Services allows location based apps to determine your device’s approximate location using Wi-Fi or GPS or Cellular service. For example, if you have installed Maps App then it would use the location services to determine the approximate current location.

Enable Location Services on iPad

iPad allows user to enable or disable the Location services using the option available as part of iPad settings.

Tap the Settings icon on iPad Home screen then navigate to Location Services.


You can use the ON/OFF switch to enable or disable location services. The settings also provides option to turn on or off location services for individual apps. The same features are also available for System Services as well.


The app or system service that is currently using the location services will be marked with purple indicator. Similarly a grey indicator will appear for the app or services that has used your location in the last 24 hours.

Display Location Services icon on Status bar


Status Bar Icon ON/OFF switch will control the display of Location Services icon in the status bar when any of the services request the location.


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