How to Tutorials for bloggers on Feedburner Email Subscription

Most blog owners are using the Feedburner for RSS subscription management. Listed below are some of the Feedburner Email Subscription tutorials that might be helpful for blogger using this service.

Deactivate Email Subscription

If you are doing massive overhaul of your blog and planning to temporally stop the email subscription service for all your readers then you can deactivate it.

Step 1: Login to Feedburner Service.

Step 2: Click the Publicize option and navigate to Email Subscriptions section.


Step 3: Then click the Deactivate button below the Email Subscriptions section.


Change the Email Subject

This is about the steps required for changing the Email Subject of the emails that are sent out to your readers.

Step 1: Login to Feedburner Service.

Step 2: Click the Publicize tab then Email Branding under Email Subscription section.


Step 3: Now enter your preferred text for the Email Subject/Title field.

Choose Email Delivery Time

Feedburner Email Subscription has feature that allows the bloggers to specify the timezone and time for email delivery.

Step 1: Login to Feedburner Service.

Step 2: Click the Publicize tab and then navigate to Delivery Options under Email Subscriptions.


Step 3: Now pick your desired timezone and the time windows for Scheduling the email delivery to all readers.

Stop Email deliveries for Selected Readers

This tip is for bloggers who want to stop emails for selected user(s)

Step 1: Login to Feedburner Service.


Step 2: Navigate to Subscription Management under Publicize -> Email Subscriptions.


Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of Email Subscription section and Click the arrow pointing downwards below View Subscriber Details link.


Step 4: This would display the list of Subscriber with their email address, Status and their Start Date. To prevent some one from receiving the daily news update, click the Stop button under the Action column.

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