How to unhide Status Bar and Path Bar on Finder in Mac Lion

This tutorial about the status bar and path bar available on Finder in Mac Lion. Status bar displays the list of files and the size occupied by the selected folder and Path displays the full path of the selected folder. If you do not see the status bar or path bar then you can follow the below mentioned steps to unhide them.

Unhide Status Bar

Launch Finder on Mac Lion and navigate to View menu. Then click the Show Status Bar available under View menu list.


This would immediately display the Status Bar in Finder. As shown in the below screenshot, the Finder Status bar will display the total number of items in the selected folder and the total size occupied by the folder.


Unhide Path Bar

Path Bar helps to identify the exact folder path of the selected folder. You can unhide the Path Bar by using the View menu and selecting Show Path Bar from the menu list.


As shown in the above the screenshot, the full of path of “Microsoft User Data” is displayed in Finder Path Bar.

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