How to use Dictionary in Nokia 5800

One of the useful applications in Nokia 5800 phone is that it has got a Dictionary pre-installed. Let’s see how to use this,

1. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Dictionary


2. Once you have selected the Dictionary application, you will be asked to download more languages as it has got only English installed. Select No if you don’t want other languages to be installed. (You can very well select Yes if you wish to install your preferred language)


3. Once you have selected No, you are into the application to search for the meaning of any word.


4. Just tap the entry screen so that you can enter the word for which you would require the meaning.


5. So you are here to type the word, for example I use the word “extensive” for which I would need the meaning and select the tick mark at the top of the screen when done.


6. You will get this screen with the word you have typed (extensive), just tap this and you will get this screen shown below with the meaning of the word extensive.


7. Click Options and you will get the option Listen, when you click this you can hear the voice which will tell you how to pronounce this word (extensive)


8. Select options to select New search to find the meaning for another word.

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