How to use Filter function in Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet has a Filter function that allows users to filter an array source and return row or column values based on the specified condition. Find below the description provided for Filter function in Google Help.

I will try to explain the Filter function with the following example. The objective of this exercise is to return values from Result column which are greater than 22500 and Type is greater than 6.

In order to get the result for the first criteria i.e result greater than 22, type the following formula

= FILTER(B2:B21;B2:B21>22500)

Where B2:B21 is the source array and B2:B21>22500 is the first criteria. This would display the following filtered values.

Now if you want to add the second condition to this filtered result then formula would change as

= FILTER(B2:B21;B2:B21>22500;C2:C21>6)

and the filtered result is as shown below.

Give this a try and share if you find any other interesting information on FILTER function.

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