How to use search feature on Windows 8

The Windows 8 metro style search provides a neat interface for searching Apps, Settings and Files. Windows 8 users can launch the Search interface by using the Sidebar option.


Let us say you want to search for Notepad app, then enter the search text after selecting the category as App. The real cool feature is that Windows 8 search results screen will start displaying matching search results as soon as you start typing first few letters.


The search will also display the count of items matching the search text in other Categories as well.


Turn off Search history

Windows 8 search also maintains search history that could help with suggestion during future searches. But if you want to delete the search history or disable the search history feature then you can use the option available as part of the Windows PC Settings.


Clicking the Delete History button will delete the past search history from the system. You can turn off the search suggestions by disabling the option “Let Windows use my searches as future search suggestions”.

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