How to use the Messaging templates in Nokia 5800

When we are really busy say for example when we are driving and we have message for which we have to reply immediately. Instead of spending time in composing the message there are some default templates available in the phone. These template messages are customizable according to our wish. Let’s see how to view the list of templates available,

1. Click Menu and open Messaging

2. From the screenshot below you can see that there is My Folders


3. When you click My Folders, you will see the Templates


4. Click Templates, by defaults there will be 10 templates available

5. Here is the list of messages available.


Let’s see how to use these template messages,

1. Click Menu and open Messaging and New messaging

2. Click Options and select Insert content


3. Click Template


4. From the list of templates available select which one you want to use


5. When you are done with this you will get the message in the writing area and just add the recipient and click send.


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