How to use Watch Window in Excel

Watch Window in excel helps users to monitor cells and their formulas. This tool is quite useful when you have a large data set and want to periodically monitor the result. Let us see this with an example worksheet used for calculating expenses.

Expense Tracker Excel 2013

This excel worksheet uses formula for calculating Total monthly expenses and Annual Expense. Now you can monitor both these formula using Watch Window.

Where is Watch Window in Excel 2016 & 2013?

The Watch Window can be accessed by navigating to Formula menu and then the Formula Auditing section.

Watch Window in Excel 2013Watch Window

Adding Cell to Watch Window

You can monitor a cell by selecting it and then click Add Watch option under Watch Window.

Add Cell to Watch Window

In the above screenshot, we are adding cell E38 as part of the Watch Window. After adding the cell, you should be able to watch the value and the corresponding formula.

Row added to Watch Window

You also have an option to drag the Watch Window to any desired location on the Window. In the below screenshot, the Watch Window has been positioned at the bottom right hand side. Even if you scroll down your Worksheet, the Watch Window would remain in this position.

Drag Watch Window in Excel 2013

Delete Cell from Watch Window

Delete Cell from Watch Window

Excel users can remove a cell from Watch Window by selecting the row and clicking the Delete Watch Option available at the top of the Window.

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