Import contacts from Facebook to Google Plus

Transfer Contacts

This tutorial explains the different ways to import contacts from Facebook to Google+.You can use Facebook Friend Exporter or Friends to Gmail to transfer contacts in to Gmail as the Gmail contacts will then be available in your Google+ account. We have already discussed in detail the steps involved to copy the Facebook contacts in to Gmail. But there are some issues using the above mentioned ways as they don’t extract the email addresses if the Facebook users have not provided the email address in their profile.

Another alternate and best is to retrieve all the email ids from your Facebook account using Yahoo Mail interface (Assuming you already have a Yahoo Account). Login to your Yahoo Mail account then navigate to Contacts tab.

Yahoo Import Contacts

Click on the Import Contacts button to move your contacts over from another account.

Yahoo Facebook icon

Click on the Facebook icon and start sharing your contacts with Yahoo.

Share with Yahoo

Yahoo will start retrieving the contact details from Facebook and you will be displayed following confirmation message after successfully completion.

Confirmation Message

Once you have all your contacts in Yahoo, you can follow the steps discussed in the earlier post “Send Google+ invite to Yahoo and Hotmail Contacts” to get them in to Google Plus.

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