Intel DG41RQ not supporting Creative 5.1 sound blaster

I have now upgraded my CPU with Intel DG41RQ motherboard. I already had the Creative 5.1 sound blaster card which was being used with my previous configuration. When the sound card is plugged in and the drivers are installed for DG41RQ I found that it is not supporting. Later come to know that was because of the Realtek High Definition Audio which is a default sound device which comes with DG41RQ.

If you face the same problem you could follow these steps to get the solution,

  1. Right click on My computer select properties
  2. Go to Hardware tab and select Device Manager

  1. When the Device manager window is opened you could see there is the Realtek High Definition Audio (I have already disabled this item that’s why a ‘x’ mark)


  2. Now right click on this and select properties
  3. Realtek High Definition Audio properties window will open
  4. See that there is Device usage drop down, select Do not use this device (disable) option and say ok for all the windows.


  5. Re-start your computer now and see the sound device would take the Creative 5.1 sound blaster card
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