iOS 7 Guide for iPhone – Part 1

This is the first part of series of articles on iOS 7 guide for iPhone.

1. Change Brightness of iPhone

Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness

Wallpapers & Brightness under iPhone settings provides option to change brightness. Brightness can be manually adjusted using the slider. If you prefer automatic adjustments then use the Auto-Brightness switch.

Wallpapers and Brightness for iPhone

2. Find out IOS version

Settings > General > About > Version

The About option under General settings contains the IOS version of your iPhone.

About Settings on iPhone Find iOS version on iPhone

3. Change name of your iPhone

Settings > General > About > Name

If you want to change the name of your iPhone then use the Name option under About Settings. This is the name that will appear when you are pairing your device with other devices and laptops.

Change name of iPhone Edit name of iPhone

4. Enable private browsing on iPhone

Safari browser > Tap Bookmarks icon

Safari browser on iPhone provides the option turn on/off the private browsing.

Enable Private browsing on iPhone Safari

5. Hide Safari browser on iPhone

Settings > General > Restrictions > Safari ON/OFF

Restriction settings allows users to hide Safari browser from iPhone Home screen.

Hide Safari Browser on iPhone

6. Turn ON/OFF Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Settings > Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

The Settings screen provides option to Turn ON/OFF Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone.


Turn ON/OFF Bluetooth on iPhone Turn ON/OFF WiFi on iPhone

7. Enable Safari Pop-up blocker

Settings > Safari > Block Pop-Ups ON/OFF

Safari settings provides option to enable or disable pop up blocker.

Block Pop ups on iPhone Safari

8. Remove Sent from iPhone message

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature

IPhone users can remove “Sent from iPhone” message using the Signature option under Mail, Contacts and Calendars

IPhone Signature on IOS 7 Sent from my iPhone message

9. Clear Cookies and History in Safari

Settings > Safari > Clear History

Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data

IPhone users can remove cookies and history from Safari browser using the option available as part of Safari Settings.

Clear History and Cookies on iPhone

10. Change default Search Engine on Safari

Settings > Safari > Search Engine

The default search engine of Safari browser on iPhone can be set to use Google or Yahoo or Bing.

Change Default Search Engine on iPhone List of Search Engine on iPhone

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