iPad 2 Safari menu options after iOS 5 upgrade

Safari browser on iPad 2 has got couple of new menu options after upgrading to iOS 5. Listed below are new menu options along with existing options available in Safari browser.

iPad Safari menu option iOS 5

Add Bookmark

This is function lets users to Bookmark any website that they are browsing. And later they can access these website using the Bookmark icon on Safari.

Add to Reading List

If you want read a website after at a later time and save the address for only one time then you can use the Add to Reading list option. The website or blog is automatically removed when you again access it from the Reading list section. You can access the Reading list section through the Bookmark icon on Safari.

Reading List Option

Add to Home Screen

This menu option lets users to add the website or blog to the Home Screen on iPad.

Add to Home Safari Option

After entering the name of the icon, click the Add button and this should add the icon to the Home screen. By this way you can quickly access the website from iPad Home screen.

Add Web page icon on Home

Mail Link to this page

This menu option lets users to quickly mail the page as a link by launching a new compose message window with the page link.


Using this option, users can quickly Tweet the page.

Safari Tweet Option


iPad users can quickly print the page using the Printer options

Safari Printer Options

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  • Tuan Anh December 15, 2011, 9:13 pm

    How can i get the earlier menu bar of Safari?
    I use ipad 2. I really like the one that has an icon (to the left of the book icon).
    Please help me, thanks in advance

  • Tom September 2, 2012, 2:56 pm

    Interesting people want to turn -off- the blocker, because I’d like to FIND one. Normally I’d use stop script but I don’t know how to install that on an iPad2.

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