iPhone and Image Capture app on Mac

Image Capture app lets Mac users to copy the pictures from you device (iPhone or iPad or iPod) to their system. We have already covered the steps required to copy pictures from image capture to new folder. Here are some more tutorials on Image Capture

Prevent Automatic launch of Image Capture

Image Capture app sometimes automatically launched when connecting your device to Mac. But if you do not want to import pictures always then this could be a nuisance. You can turn off this feature by using the option available as part of the device settings.

Click the device settings icon available are bottom left corner of the Image Capture window.


Now click drop down available below “Connecting…..Phone opens


and select No application from the drop down list.


By this way, Mac users can stop the automatic launch of Image Capture when a iPhone or iPad or iPod is connected to the system.

Delete pictures after Import

Image Capture has an option that will delete all the pictures from your device after the import. This can be done by marking the checkbox with label as “Delete after import” under Device Settings.


Import Pictures to Preview app

Using Image Capture, Mac users can open the pictures in Preview app by clicking the drop down next to Import to selecting Preview App from the list.


Deleting and Rotating Pictures

Image capture also provides option to delete single or multiple selected image. And users can also use the rotate clockwise or anticlockwise icons to rotate the images.


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