Keyboard shortcut and toolbar option for Macros in Word 2011

We had earlier seen articles about Macros and VBA in Word 2011 for Mac.

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Now let us see the steps required to assign keyboard shortcut for a macro and add macro to the toolbar in Word 2011 for Mac.

How to assign Keyboard shortcut for a Macro

Step 1: Launch Word 2011, click Tools menu and select Customize Keyboard option.

Customize Keyboard in Word 2011 for Mac

Step 2: In the Categories, scroll down and select Macros and pick the Macro for which you want to assign the Keyboard shortcut.

Step 3: In the Customize Keyboard screen, navigate to Press new Keyboard shortcut.

Customize Keyboard window.

Step 4: Now press key combinations for the shortcut. Make sure those combinations are currently not used by checking the “Currently assigned to” option.

Step 5: Then click the Assign button to assign the keyboard shortcut for the selected Macro. Click OK button to close Customize Keyboard screen.

Assign Keyboard Shortcut to Macro

Now you should be able to run the Macro using Keyboard shortcut.

How to add Macro to toolbar in Word 2011 for Mac.

Step 1: Click View menu, select Toolbars then Customize Toolbars and Menus.


Step 2: In the Customize Toolbars and Menus screen, select Macros in the Categories section. Then select the Macro which needs to be added to the toolbar.

Customize Toolbars and Menu

Step 3: Now drag the selected macro and drop it to your desired location on the toolbar.

Drag and drop Maco to Toolbar

Macro added to the toolbar in Word 2011

Step 4: You can change the icon for the Macro by right clicking on toolbar menu. Then select Properties from the menu list.

Toolbar item properties in Word 2011

Step 5: In the Command Properties window, Click the arrow pointing downward for the icon and pick your desired icon from the drop down list.

Command Properties

Click OK to confirm and close the Command Properties window.

Newly added Macro to the toolbar

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