Kids iPad App Review – Kitchen Monsters

Kitchen Monsters is an app developed for kids who love cooking. We normally won’t allow our kids in the kitchen as it is not safe for them. With this app kids can cook the items that in available here and they need to feed them to the kitchen monsters. As the app name is kitchen monster you don’t need to worry as kids may get scared, these monsters are really funny.

Search for Toca Kitchen Monsters from App store to download this app for free.

Let’s see how this works with some screenshots. Shown below screenshot is the home page of this app. Click the play button and you are taken inside the app.


There are two monsters shown in the app where you can select any one of them.


I have selected the second monster and let’s see what I cook for them to eat. Once the monster is selected, you are shown the items available in the refrigerator, select an item say for e.g. an tomato.


With this tomato you can do the things shown on the right side of the app. Say for e.g. you can cut the tomato with the knife, use the mixer to smash, use the fry pan or an micro oven to heat. When you are done with the cooking you can put the stuff to the monsters mouth where it enjoys to eat them. Try it yourself…


Tomato has been cut in to pieces using knife


The tomato pieces has been put in the fry pan.

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