Learn about different layouts in Windows Live Mail 2011

Windows Live Mail 2011 provides users with the option to customize the view with different Layout feature.

Windows Live Mail 2011 Layout Section

Message list

Using Message list, users can choose between Two-line view and One-line view. You can also leave this choice to Windows Live Mail by selecting “Select view automatically”

Windows Mail Message List

Example screenshot – One-line view


One line view message list

Example screenshot – Two-line view


Two line view message list

Reading Pane

Reading Pane in Windows Live Mail 2011 allows users to change the display of Reading Pane to Right of the message list or Bottom of the message list or Turn Off.

Windows Mail Reading Pane

Calendar Pane

Calendar Pane is displayed on right hand side of Windows Live Mail 2011 window.

Windows Mail Calendar Pane

Compact View

If you want to increase the space of message list in Windows Live Mail then you go for Compact View.

Windows Mail Compact View                  Compact View Layout

Quick  views

Windows Live Mail displays Quick views on the left hand side just above the configured accounts section and it also allows users to customize the Quick views. But if you are not planning to use Quick view then you can turn off by clicking the Quick views button under Layout section.

  Quick views under Layout    Windows Mail Quick views

Storage folders

   Storage folders Layout      Windows Mail Storage folders

Storage folders are displayed below the configured accounts under the navigation pane. You can show or hide Storage folders using the option in Layout section.

Status bar

Status bar in Windows Live Mail displays the total number of messages and the number of unread messages. Also you can find out whether the Mail service is working offline or online.

Windows Live Mail Status bar

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