Lockface: USB flash drive with face recognition technology

USB flash drive with face recognition technology

Normally all the USB drives have password as security, once connected to your computer it asks for the password and verifies it. As technology develops here comes the next state of security which recognizes the face of the user. Futen, a Japanese company has designed a USB flash drive named Lockface that uses face recognition technology to check the identity of users.

You have to take number of pictures of your face by using the computers web camera which gets stored. When you plug-in your Lockface USB flash drive it access the pictures stored in your computer and verifies your face. The USB drive doesn’t require any extra software to be downloaded or installed. You can also ignore the face recognition function if you don’t want this and can use the default password security function.

Futen has released a 4GB USB drive as its first version which costs $110 in Japan.

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