Lumia 520 – Flight mode and Taking photos instantly

Listed below are the steps required to turn on Flight Mode and taking photos instantly on a Lumia 520 Windows 8 Phone.

How to turn Flight mode on

Turning the Flight mode on will turn off your mobile network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. To do this, go to settings, tap the flight mode option and you get the screen as shown below. By turning it on, you can see your mobile network gets closed and all the connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also gets closed.

By setting the status to off you can get back all your connections.


Take photos instantly

This phone has an option of taking photos instantly even when it is in locked state. Normally when you want to take photos you have to unlock your phone first and then tap the camera app and then take photos. This is made simple in Lumia 520.

Here is the step, when your phone is locked just press and hold the camera button. This will unlock you phone automatically and launch the camera app.

This seems to be a very useful feature in this phone where you can take photos when it is an emergency situation. This gets by default stored in your photo album.

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