Lumia 520 – Yoga trainer Windows 8 mobile app

This app tells you what yoga is and also some of the yoga poses that you can follow. It teaches you different yoga positions for heart, legs, memory, relaxation, liver, hands and face.

For example it tells you how to get rid of backache through yoga. You can see different poses that you can work out to get rid of your backache. Yoga poses like bridge pose, locust pose, bow yoga pose, cobra pose etc. are the different poses which helps you. It shows a simple video of how to practice these poses at your home. Watch the video’s carefully to practice.

It is said in this app that they have successfully cured diseases like diabetes, stomach related diseases, allergy, sinusitis, respiratory problems, migraine, depression, high blood pressure, stress, cholesterol and heart diseases etc.

Search for yoga trainer from the store to download this app for free.

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