Make your mobile faster. Tips to optimize Flash performance on Android 2.2


Like many other OS’s, Android OS supports flash. However, on the older Android 2.2 platform, flash support is pretty much buggy and it may slow down your mobile speed, giving lots of stress to the processor. The problem is generally associated with the junk coding and incorrect application usage. However, I have some tips on how to recover from this slowdown and work in a better flash environment on Android 2.2 and make your mobile faster.

Turn On Auto-updates

It is always recommended to turn on auto-updates. Let Flash update itself when a new version is out you can do this by going to Market place > My application > Flash player and then chose Auto update

Using Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a free to download browser and it’s probably the best browser to use on Android 2.2. It offers numerous features and is very well capable of handling Flash.

Avoid zooming

Zooming involves more resource usage such as RAM and processor power. So the more you zoom, the more resource the application tends to consume, hence slowing down your device. Avoid much zooming and this can also help you save battery life.

Always clear browser cache

Cache stores information on a program that can sometimes conflict with Flash when the same program is run again at a more recent time. Clearing cache will ensure loading of the new data into your mobile phone. Hence, the conflicts will no longer arise and give you a fast browsing experience.

Avoid using unofficial or unauthorized addons!

This tip is very important to all geeks and hackers out there! Do not try to install unofficial plugins for your browser as they may conflict with Flash player and destroy everything. There are instances where Flash stops to work permanently if an incorrect plugin is installed.

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  • Satheesh November 6, 2011, 7:27 am

    really… i am going to try these things in my mobile

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