Microsoft Outlook – How to stop receiving invitation response for new Appointments

In Microsoft Outlook you can create a new Appointment and invite attendees by sending a new Invitation. And by default all the attendees will receive the invitation and they can accept or decline it. While accepting they are prompted with three options

  • Send response now
  • Edit and send response now
  • Do not send response

If the attendees accept and click on do not response now the organizer will not receive the response, where as if they select send response now, the organizer would receive responses the attendees . If the no of invitees are more then the organizer inbox will be flooded with invitation responses. So if the responses from attendees are not mandatory the organizer can send the invitaion with out requesting responses. This can be done by click on Actions menu followed by un checking the Request Responses menu as shown below.

Hope this cures few headaches !!!

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