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We have seen about a Google Chrome extension that helps users to see statistics of their browsing history. Safari browser also has an extension that allow users can block or unblock sites and help users to control their browsing habits.

mindful browsing icon

Installing mindful browsing extension would place an icon on the Safari toolbar. You can click on this icon to block the site that you are browsing. The following popup will be displayed with details about the blocked website.

block safari website

And when you access website again the following message will be displayed.

block website warning message

If you want to still proceed then you can click the Allow temporary button. The delay period set for temporary visits can be changed using the option available as part of Safari Preferences.

Click the Safari icon, select Preferences from the menu list.


Click Extensions tab then navigate to Delay temporary visits by and select your desired delay period. You can also specify the time period between which you want to block these sites and also days when you want to block these websites. And if you want to unblock the sites then you can use unblock button available at the bottom left corner.

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