minus.com – Quickly share files and galleries over the internet

minus.com is is the simplest and minimalist tool for sharing resources over the internet. Users can share videos, documents, music, files etc. quickly, easily for free.


You can share the files by drag & drop or by clicking the upload button. It is not mandatory to create account for sharing resources but the files shared as guest account will not be available after 30 days of the upload. After uploading the file, you will have an option to pick the upload folder url or the upload item url which can be shared with your friends. There is an option for sending the link via email where you can type the email address to whom you want to share this resource.


minus.com also allows users to make their content public and define a custom url for the shared resource. You can access minus.com using Google Chrome Web App.


Check out the below video on minus – your world of sharing.

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