Moto G5 Plus – Google Assistant

Google Assistant helps you search anything on the internet through your voice commands. Though the Google Assitant comes with the Android version it is well integrated with the G5 Plus model. To activate the Google Assistant long press the home button (short press will lock your phone when you have the fingerprint sensor activated). After you get the voice from the Google Assistant  – how can I help you? Your device recognises your voice when you say “Ok Google”. Then you can say something like “Weather in Chennai” it will show the latest updates regarding weather conditions in Chennai. The below screen will explain how the screen will look alike:

Screenshot (May 1, 2017 6:08:00 PM)

To search for what you are looking for, tap the mike icon it will then listen to what you are saying and produce the result on the same screen within seconds.

The more you use the Google Assistant, betterer it recognises your voice and produces the results faster. To know more about the Google Assistant you may refer the guide from Google’s website.

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