Moto G5 Plus – Quick Tips and Hidden Secrets

There are loads of shortcuts on the G5 Plus, you will start exploring it when you keep using the phone. This article will help you learn them quickly,

Camera: The camera can be opened quickly by just twisting your wrist twice, this will open the rear camera even when the phone is locked. Twist your wrist twice again which will activate the front camera.

Flashlight: As said in the previous post, the flashlight can be opened by just chopping the phone, and chopping again would turn off the flashlight.

Screenshots: Press and hold the volume down and power keys simultaneously, this will take the screenshot of the active screen. They are stored under Internal Storage -> Pictures.

Flip to Silence: When you are getting a call and you want to put it to silence quickly as you might be in a meeting or driving, just flip the phone upside down. This will make the phone go to silence mode.

Home Screen: Long press on the home screen to change wallpapers, add widgets.

Rotate Home Screen: Long press on the home screen and tap on settings. Enable ‘Allow home screen rotation’. Now turn your phone, you can see the home screen rotating.


View and Clear Recently opened Apps: Tap the recent app icons from the bottom of your screen, this will show the apps running currently. Scroll down to the last and click the three lines which will clear all the running apps.


Uninstalling an App: Long press on an app and drag it to the top of the screen and release it to uninstall.


Create shortcuts: To create a shortcut of any app, just long press of that particular app which will create a copy of it to the home screen.


Lock and Unlock: Use the fingerprint sensor to lock and unlock your phone, rather than pressing the power button.

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