My Foxmarks – online backup utility and synchronizing firefox bookmarks

  Foxmarks is a tool available for synchronization of firefox bookmarks between browsers in more than one PC. Using Foxmarks you can access your bookmarks from any computer any time using my.foxmarks account. This is available as a firefox extension and you have to install the extension and create a new user account. The creation of new account does not take much time as you canfind it out from the below steps.

After you install the extension and restart firefox these are steps to be followed.



In step 2 you can sepcify whether you have an account already or you need a new account. When you are using  for the first time you will have to create a new account and later when you want to synchronize your my.foxmarks from another PC you can skip the creation of new account.

Step 3 –  This completes the synchronization of your bookmarks.

Now you should be able to access any bookmarks which you had created in another computer. You can also access your bookmarks online by logging in to the my.foxmarks account. The picture below displays a sample my.foxmarks account.

A neat, easy to install and easy to use extension and a much needed utility if you want to synchronize your firefox bookmarks between home and office PC.

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