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Microsoft Office 2013

Office 2010 has been great; however, the newest version of Office 2013 has numerous features, which are not found on its predecessors.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the word’s new capability to edit PDF files. Although this is considered, from other quarters, as trivial, Word 2013 has a number of upgraded features which make it the most preferable. Its predecessors did not have this functionality and therefore to effectively utilize them, it was necessary to install add-ons.

SkyDrive integration across the whole suite: with your permission, each document, notebook, presentation and doo-dad is saved to your SkyDrive folder, giving you access to all internet-capable devices as well as offering you a solid backup. Neither will you be required to attach documents to mail nor bother about any irksome Cloud Connect services when using this latest version of Microsoft Windows.

Excel has a different “Flash Fill” that identifies the patterns in your data and if allowed, it automatically fills in the remaining cells. Besides, it will suggest the type of charts or pivot tables that should be used subject to the data you have entered. In addition, it has a social networking integration that makes it possible for instant insertion of portions of your worksheet into a status update on social networks such as Facebook, twitter and Google+ among others. Unlike Office 2010, with Office 2013, presentations can now be shared online using Lync.

There are new “behind the scenes” features in slideshow mode for PowerPoint presenters, including a new Navigation Grid. Your audience will not be able to see the teleprompter-style notes on the back end, which it gives you.

As a matter of fact, it is important to note that the above mentioned features found on Office 2013 are basically what you will expect on the Office 2013 365 Home Premium Preview model. It is likely that when Microsoft finally decides to announce its retail release officially, more changes as well as additional features will appear.

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