Windows XP Tips – Customize the Send To menu option

In Windows XP on right click of any files the system will display a context menu with Send To menu option. On clicking Send To menu option, the system will display Compressed (Zipped)Folder, Desktop (Create Shortcut) e.t.c. And if you want to include your working or project folder in this option then all you have to […] Read More

Microsoft Office 2007 Add-in – Save as PDF or XPS

  Microsoft has developed an Add-in for Office 2007 which allows users to save the office documents as a PDF or XPS. This add-in also allows users to send as e-mail attachment in the PDF and XPS formats.   System Requirements Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows XP Service Pack 2 This download works with […] Read More

Microsoft Windows Live Writer – Ping the blog post to different servers

 Windows Live Writer  has an option of specifying the URL's for ping servers similar to Qumana blog editor. In Windows Live Writer under the Tools menu you will have preferences menu, this has the Ping Servers section and under this you can specify the different ping server URL's […] Read More

Microsoft Office 2007 – Super Tooltip feature

Microsoft Office 2007 is going to have major UI makeover and one of them is the Super Tool tip feature. The previous Office UI displays a little yellow popup boxes with information on a button or menu option and this is a very useful feature. Adding to this Microsoft Office 2007 tool tip will contain […] Read More

How to disable the right clicking on the Desktop

Changing registry values might be harmful to your computer The following registry changes will disable the context menu appearing anywhere on the desktop. Open REGEDIT Navigate to HCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer and set the DWORD value NoViewContextMenu to 1 to disable the right click context menu and if you want to enable it then set it 0 […] Read More

How to clear the temporary internet files from Internet Explorer.

The temporary Internet files can  be cleared by accessing the Tools menu followed by Internet Option menu of the Internet Explorer. After that click on the settings in the General tab. A dialog as shown below will appear On Click of the view files button, the temporary Internet folder will open this contains all the […] Read More

How to disable the desktop cleanup wizard in Windows XP

Changing registry setting might cause damage to your computer  Do it with caution. The desktop cleanup wizard in Windows XP runs every 60 days and it clears any unused shortcuts and other items you have in your desktop.If you do not want this to run automatically then you can disable this feature by modifying the […] Read More

Different publishing errors while blog posting via Qumana Editors

I am using Qumana editor for posting to my blog. There are occasion when I have received few errors during publishing, The most common publishing error I have received is Read Timed out. This normally happened to me whenever my tags are not properly closed or even if certain ping services are not available for […] Read More

List of URLs for pinging your blog post.

Here are some of the ping service which can be used to ping when a blog post is published. And if you are using Qumana blog editor, then you can add these entries under ping tab through the preferences menu […] Read More

How to view hidden files and hidden extensions in Windows XP

Windows XP provides an option to hide the extensions and also hidden files. To uncover the file extensions the following steps has to be followed. Click on My Computer and followed by the tools menu (there are also other ways to access tools menu) Click the Folder options menu Under Hidden files and Folders, select […] Read More

How to change the DVD region in a Windows XP Operating system.

A DVD device is configured to play DVD's from particular region only, for example if you have bought a laptop in UK then the DVD device would probably play only region 2 DVD's. And if you want to change the DVD region setting to play other regions DVD. the following has to be done. Click […] Read More

Track Stick – A GPS Data logger used for tracking routes

Track Stick logger is a GPS data logger that can be used for tracking and mapping the places you visit.This can record all the relevant GPS data, including time, date, location, speed, direction and altitude. It runs on 2 AAA batteries. The built-in 1 MB memory allows month of travel information, which can be exported […] Read More

How to setup remote assistance for Windows XP machines.

Remote Assistance is a feature available in Windows XP by which you can access your PC from other computers. This is quite handy when you need remote assistance to solve certain PC issues. To allow remote assistance you need to do the following. Open system properties (Control Panel - System) and click on the Remote […] Read More

Firefox tips and tricks and keyboard shortcuts

Leslie Franke has posted a useful information regarding the Mozilla Firefox. The information consists of general keyboard shortcuts along with navigation, search and also mouse shortcuts. It also contains plugin location and few tips for Firefox users […] Read More

How to clear the recent file list in windows media player.

The windows media player displays the recently accessed files under the File Menu's Recent File List section. In order to clear these Recent File List and to disable the Recent File List option you need to do the following Click on the Tools menu followed by the Privacy tab. Under the history section there will […] Read More

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