Google web accelerator makes web pages load faster

Google web accelerator an another application which is a product of Google labs that helps to load web pages faster. It does this my maintaining a cache of the web pages visited and it downloads only the changed web pages from the web site.  It also manages the computer's Internet connection to reduce the delay […] Read More

404 error while uploding image to a wordpress blog

Wordpress blog has an option for attaching an image to a blog post. I tried attaching an image to a blog post  using Wordpress as well as Qumana blog editor but  received 404 error on trying to view the uploaded image. The default location of the uploaded Wordpress image is wp-content/uploads. To resolve this error, […] Read More

How to buy a mobile phone?

There are varieties of mobile phones available in market and we have a tough time in making the decision. Here I have listed down most of the features and preferences one should consider while selecting a mobile phone. Budget - First and foremost it is the budget. So try to select phones with in your […] Read More

How to upload new themes to a wordpress blog?

Uploading a new theme can be done in many ways, one of the way is to follow these steps below Download the themes to your local PC If the themes are pacakaged as a RAR or a ZIP file, then you might need an application like WinRAR to extract the files. Now these files should […] Read More

NoScript – extra protection to the firefox browser

NoScript is a addon available for firefox and currently it is among top 10 firefox extension. This extension provides extra security to the firefox by allowing Java script execution and for trusted domains it gives an option to execute the scripts. Depending upon the permission the NoScript icon is displayed in the status bar. With […] Read More

i-Kids Mobile Phone.

  i-Kids Mobile Phone is a kids mobile with Global Position System(GPS). It uses satellite technology to track down the children. Some of the features of this phone are It is a low radiation mobile phone for kids. Even if the device is switched off, this phone can be traced through Internet, SMS or WAP […] Read More

How to add extensions for Firefox

Firefox comes has lots of addons associated with it. Some of the popular addons include FlashGot, NoScript, FasterFox, Adblock, IE Tab, Video Downloader , DownThemAll,TabMixPlus, ForeCastFox and in order to have any one these addons, we need to click Tools > Extensions > Get More Extensions links and select the required addons and install the […] Read More

Eraser – Secure data removal tool

Eraser is secure data removal tool which is available free for download.  It removes sensitive data in the hard disk by applying some patterns. It supports windows operating system. Eraser has an option to clear filenames as well. The tool is simple to use and it also has a scheduler […] Read More

7 – Zip File Archiver with high compression ratio

7 Zip is file archiver with a high compression ratio. It supports different formats like 7z, ZIP, GZIP, TAR, BZIP2, RAR, CAB, ARJ, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB, LZH, SPLIT, CHM. 7-Zip works in Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and a command line is available for UNIX and LINUX. .Supports loclization of 63 languages. Powerful File Manager and Command […] Read More

Plantronics Explorer 320 a bluetooth headset

Plantronics Explorer 320 is bluetooth headset Pros Extremely light weight and easy to use Very affordable. Easy fit and fits either ear. Access controls with single button Battery life is good Cons The single button acces control confuses a bit and hard to use The sound quality is poor Does not cover much distance […] Read More

RoboForm – Password Manager and Web Form Filler

RoboForm is an utility which manages password and used for filling web forms. It can Auto save passwords in the browser Auto fill login forms with username and password. Used for filling personal information in web forms. Can generate secure random passwords It uses different algorithms like AES, Blowfish, RC6, 3-DES or 1-DES to encrypt […] Read More

UBBCode a simplified markup language

UBBcode is a simplified markup language used for message board post.UBBCode allows a user to add functionality and style to a message.This is mainly used where HTML code usage is not allowed.Especially in forums the HTML usage is restricted. Listed below are some of the styles and functionalities supported by UBBcode. Bold - [b][/b] Italics […] Read More

Posting a wordpress blog through email.

Word press has a option of blogging through email. The following steps have to be followed for a email blog posting. In word press writing option the details about the email server need to be provided. Select one of the random string specified under the writing by email option and keep that us the account […] Read More

Permalink the permanent link to a post or categories in a blog

Permalink are the permanent link to a post or categories in a blog. Let me explain this with an example in this blog. Google Sitemap post permalink is When we want to refer to a post it is always better to have a more meaning full link than having a question mark and a […] Read More

Google Sitemap – unsupported file format error

Atlast the sitemap for this blog has been accepted by google. For the past two weeks I had been trying to register sitemap for this blog but I was getting unsupported file format error.The reason for that is sitemap has to placed under the root directory. Though my blog is under the directory /blog I […] Read More

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