Parental Control on Apple iTunes

This tutorial is about the parental control feature available on Apple iTunes. iTunes allows users to specify the following as parental Controls using Preferences menu.

  • Country for ratings
  • Content Restrictions on Movies, TV Shows and Apps
  • Enable or Disable Restrict Content, Podcasts, Radio, iTunes Store and Shared Libraries.

Click the iTunes menu and select Preferences from the menu list.


In iTunes Preferences window, navigate to Parental preferences tab.


Using the “Disable” section, specify the features ( Podcasts, Radio, iTunes Store, Ping and Shared Libraries) that has to be enabled or disabled.


Similarly the “Rating for” drop down allow users to choose the country whose ratings needs to be applied.


The “Content Restrictions” section allows users to specify the restriction for Movies, TV Shows, Apps and whether to restrict explicit content or not.


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