Permanent reading highlights in Word 2010

We have already seen about the reading highlights feature available in Microsoft Word 2010. The words highlighted using this Advanced find feature is not permanent as it gets cleared when you start editing the document. If you want to highlight the search text permanently in your document then you can use the Replace Format option.

Open the word document, navigate to Editing section under Home menu. Click the arrow pointing downwards available next to Find menu. Select Advanced Find option from the drop down list.


In the Find and Replace window, enter the text that has to be highlighted then click the Replace tab.


Click the More >> button to expand the Find and Replace option. Now tab and place cursor on Replace with text box then navigate to Replace section available at the bottom of the window. Click the Format button and select Highlight from the drop down list. Now click the Replace All button to permanently highlight the search text in the document.

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  • Man May 31, 2016, 6:34 pm

    It’s worth pointing out that you need to have the highlight tool set to a colour first. I had been messing around with highlights, and had it set to No Colour, which resulted in there being no highlight on the text. This is actually a good thing. By setting the colour first, you can have multiple different highlights going on with the search tool, just by changing the highlight colour each time.

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