Prevent kids from downloading adult apps on Google Nexus 7

This is about the step that needs to be taken to prevent your kids downloading adult content related apps on Google Nexus 7. Google Play Store allows users to restrict apps that can be downloaded based on their content. You can use this feature to restrict any one from downloading apps based on content rating.

Step 1: Tap the Google Play icon on your Nexus device.

Google Play Store on Nexus

Step 2: Tap the menu option available on the top right hand corner and select Settings from the menu list.

Google Play Store Settings


Step 3: In the Settings screen, Tap the Set or Change PIN option under User Controls.

Set or Change PIN

Step 4: Enter a PIN to prevent any one changing the content filtering settings.

Create a PIN to control and lock settings

Step 5: Now tap the Content filtering under the User Controls and set the required content filtering setting.

Content Filtering on Android

restrict apps that can be downloaded

The available content filtering option includes Everyone, Low Maturity, Medium Maturity, High Maturity and Show all apps. Check out this link for more about content filtering.

After making the required changes, click OK to confirm and save the changes.

The Content filtering settings can be changed by only after Unlocking the settings using the PIN.

Unlock Settings on Android Nexus

By this way you can restrict kids from downloading apps rated as above aged.

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  • James October 13, 2013, 12:09 pm

    Will adult apps show up in the PlayStore Search after turning on this setting?

  • Ravi Shankar October 14, 2013, 6:40 pm

    Yes. This would filter out your Play Store search results

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