Protect workbook for modification in Excel 2013

We have already seen in detail about the various password protection techniques available in Excel 2013. Now let us see how to protect your workbook for modification using the option available as part of Save As window.

Step 1: Open workbook that needs to protected for modification, then click File menu > Save As.


Step 2: Double click on Computer option to launch the Save As window as shown below.


Step 3: Click Tools menu and select General Options from the drop down list.



Step 4: Now enter a password in Password to modify option then click OK button to confirm the password.

Step 5: Click the save button to in the Save As window to save the password protected workbook.

If you open the saved workbook, the following password protection dialog will be displayed. You can enter the correct password to have write access or you can open file in read-only mode.


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