Quick Tips and Tricks for Galaxy Series

Here are some quick tips and tricks that can be used for your Grand2,

Direct Dial: There is a widget called direct dial which can be placed on your home screen to call frequently used numbers quickly.

Un-install an app: long press on the app that you want to uninstall, this will take you to the home screen where it will show options like App info, Uninstall. Move it to Uninstall to remove this app from the phone.

Save images from browser: To save an image while browsing a web site, long press on the image this will provide the option to save.

Scientific Calculator: to access the Scientific Calculator rotate the phone to landscape mode.

Display personal message on home screen: You can store some personal information like your email address or landline number which can be displayed on the home screen. To do this go to Settings -> Device -> Lock screenOwner information. Enter the information here and when you lock you phone and then press the home button you could see those information’s there.

Access Task Manager: Long press the home screen to access the task manager.

Power off button: Stop using the power off button to lock your phone every time, instead install Screen Off app from the play store and place it on the home screen to lock it.

Quickly reject calls with a message: When there is an incoming call, scroll up from the bottom. This will show a list of messages like I’m in a meeting, Sorry will call back etc. Select one from the list which will disconnect the call and the message will be sent to the caller.

Turn off camera shutter sound: Simply press the volume button down to put the phone to the silent mode and then take photos.

Quick Shortcuts: Long press from the home screen to Set wallpaper; add Apps and Widgets, Folder and Page.

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