Quickly preview files and folders on Mac OS X Lion

This tutorial is about the Quick Look feature that is available on Mac OS X Lion. Mac users can get a preview of files and folders using the Quick Look option. The Quick Look on a folder provides information such as the total size occupied by the folder and number files and folders contained in the selected folder. Similarly the Quick Look on file gives a preview of the file with out launching the application to which the file type is associated.

Launch Finder application on Mac and to preview the folder, click the eye icon available in Finder menu bar.


Other alternate way is to right click on the folder and select Quick Look from the displayed menu list.


This would display the folder details like folder size, number files and folders and the last modified date and time. And if you want to open the folder then click the Open folder option available at the top of the popup window.


Similarly if you want to have quick preview of a html file, then navigate to the file and click the eye icon on Finder menu bar. Find below the preview of a HTML file displayed without launching associated HTML viewer.


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