Quik Pod – Take your own photo without the help of strangers

Taking self-portraits by holding the camera at arm’s length is really a big pain when you are travelling alone in a tourist place. Here comes Quik Pod which can help you take self-portraits. This device lets you attach your digital camera or camcorder to take self videos or photos. Some of the features of Quik Pod are,

1. It has an extendable/collapsible monopod which adjusts from 18 to 53 inches.

2. Support cameras weighing up to eight pounds.

3. It comes with a wrist strap, carry bag and gel pad for bracing.

4. It has a small, built-in mirror to position your image.

Click this link to see how Quik Pod works – http://www.quikpod.com/

To buy this product click here – http://www.quikpod.com/OrderNow.asp


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