RAM Booster Pro – Cleans the RAM and stops the Memory Leak

My system goes down often and later I had a doubt there would be some memory leak. Then I did a search in the Google to find out whether there is some tool to control this. My search ended up with RAM Booster Pro.

Memory leak often happens after playing Games or viewing any DVD videos. This forces the user to restart the system every time. RAM Booster Pro automatically stops the memory leak and boost up the performance of the PC.

User can specify the limit at which stage the tool has to automatically free the memory. For example I have given as 20%. Once the performance of my PC reaches this level, the tool gets alerted and it automatically boosts the performance of the PC and my work is untroubled.

This tool is designed in such a way that any body can use it. You can download the trial version of this tool from here.

RamBooster Pro v5.0.1 | 1.1MB


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