Remember the Milk – Manage your todo list

Remember the Milk is a Google Chrome Web App which helps users to manage todo list. Listed down are the feature that are currently available in this tool.


  • Group tasks based on lists and provides option to add new lists.
  • Location can be specified for tasks.
  • Provides options to add notes for tasks.
  • Organize tasks based on priorities, due date, lists, tags and many more.
  • Advanced search feature available for tasks and notes.


  • Allows users to share and publish tasks.
  • Users have also got option for using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Allows users to manage tasks offline by installing Google Gears.
  • Users can receive daily reminders, at the time the task is due via Email, Yahoo, Google Talk, Skype and more.


The name of the app might initially mislead users to think that it is a simple to do list app but that is not the case. You should give a try to get a real feel of this advanced todo list management app. This is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android and also sync service available for Blackberry and Microsoft Outlook.

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