Remove cookies from specific website on iPad

iPad users have the option to clear cookies for all websites or delete data from specific websites. The clear cookies option is available as part of Safari Settings.

Remove Cookies from Specific websites in iOS 7 for iPad

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon on iPad home screen.


Step 2: Navigate to Safari option on the Settings screen.


Note :- If you want to delete the Cookies and data from all websites then tap Clear Cookies and Data under Safari Settings.

Step 3: To remove Cookies from specific data, tap the Advanced option.


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Step 4: Tap Website Data under Safari Advanced Settings. This would display the following Advanced > WebSite Data screen.


Step 5: Now you can remove data from individual websites by swiping from right to left. Then tap the Delete option to complete the action.


Note :- You can also remove data from all websites by tapping Remove All WebSite Data.

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