Retain favorite document in Word 2010 recent document list

Microsoft Word 2010 maintains a list recently accessed documents under recent section in Office menu. This can be used for quickly accessing the documents that have been opened recently.

Recent Documents Word 2010

The recent document list works in such a way that whenever users open a document it pushes the previously opened document one number down the list. If you have set the display of recent documents to 5 and when you open the 7th document the list will maintain only the last 5 documents in the list.

Retain Favorite document

If you want to retain your favorite document always in the recent document list then you can use “pin this item to the list” feature.

Click the File menu –> Recent and navigate to Recent Documents section.

pin item to the list

Now click the Pin icon for your favorite document to pin the document to the list. This would move the pinned document to top of the list and will never be removed even when the recent document display reaches it maximum limit.

unpin item to the list

If you do not want to always retain the document in the recent documents list then click the unpin icon.

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