Sandglaz – Personal and team task managment application

Sandglaz is a Google Chrome extension for personal and team task management application. The core idea is mainly based on the common management matrix of dividing the task in to four categories Important & Now, Important & Later, Unimportant & Now and Unimportant & Later.

The UI is neat and the way tutorials has been provided shows the simplicity.

Task Management Tutorials

You can group the tasks using the concept of grid and easily start entering the tasks. Users can add description and due date using the down arrow available at end of the tasks.

Task Grid

Sandglaz users can share tasks with others using email address. You cant share only the grid and not individual tasks and if you want to share only selected tasks then group them as grid.

Task Sharing

Users can change the grid size and colour using the settings options. You can start with grid size to 2 as it is simple and easy to use unless your want to create grids based on your project needs.

This application is currently in beta stage and the future pricing is as shown below.

Sandglaz Pricing Planning

Overall this is a simple and intuitive app that is worth a try.

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