Screen Snap – Take snapshot on the Nokia 5800 XM

Best Screen Snap is an application which can be used to take snapshot on your phone. Here are the steps how to install and use the application,

1. Download the application from this location (

2. Install the application on your phone by following the step by step procedure

3. When the installation is complete, go to applications and select ScreenSnap

4. Make sure you have the settings set based on the screenshot. Without exiting the application, select hide button (this means that the application will run behind and you can take snapshots anytime)

5. Now to test how it works, go to any screen and click your camera button (because the camera button is given as the shortcut to take snapshots)

6. You get the sound as you take normal pictures from your camera

7. And now where to find the screenshots? Your images are stored in \Memory card\Images\ScreenSnap

8. You will not able to find these pictures on your phone. (Just imagine viewing the same menu snaps in your phone, doesn’t it sound crazy?)



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