Secure your Google Nexus 7 with screen locking

Google Nexus 7 users can secure their device by choosing the right screen locking mechanism. The screen locking features can be accessed through the Security option.

Launch the Google Nexus 7 settings screen and access the Screen locking option by tapping Security settings under Personal section then the Screen lock under Screen Security.

image image


Screen lock – None

Set the Screen locking to None if the device is always going to be in a secure place and you are only one accessing the device.

Screen lock – Slide

Slide is the simplest screen locking option and unlocking can be done by the sliding the screen.

Slide Screen lock

Screen lock – Pattern

Google Nexus 7 users can set a pattern that can be used for unlocking the screen.

image image

Under Screen lock, select the Pattern option and this would prompt you to choose your pattern as shown in the above screenshot. A Google Nexus 7 with screen locking set to Pattern locking will be displayed as shown below. And entering the right Pattern would unlock the screen.


Screen lock – PIN

image image

Nexus 7 users can also set 4 digit PIN for unlocking the screen.

Screen lock – Password

If you prefer to have password for unlocking the screen then choose the Screen lock as Password and set the required password.

image image

Screen lock – Face Unlock

Face unlock option uses Face recognition for unlocking the screen. This is always combined with PIN or Password unlock so that either one will be used for unlocking when the Face Unlock cannot see the user. This method is less secure compared to PIN or Password method. But if you fancy to have this unlocking then you can go for Face Unlock.

image image

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