Send and Receive settings in Windows Live Mail 2011

This tutorial is about the send and receive settings available in Windows Live Mail 2011. We will be looking at the following features available as part of Send and Receive messages.

  • Play Sound for new messages
  • Send and Receive messages at the startup
  • Define the time interval for checking new messages


Click the File menu and select Mail under Options menu. In the Options window, navigate to Send / Receive Messages section.


If you want to receive a notification when new messages arrive then mark the check box with label as Play sound when new messages arrive.

Similarly you can tick the check box with label as Send and receive messages at startup to enable Windows Live Mail to check for new messages on Startup.

You can specify the time interval in minutes to check for new messages in the Check for new messages every options.

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  • silvswomp February 23, 2013, 2:15 am

    I am looking for a good duplicate finder and I tested quite some tools.
    So far this find duplicate seems to do the best job.
    I like the free version so far, but I intend to get the PRO because of the extra features. Unfortunately I can not test them in the free version.

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