Send text messages for incoming calls on iPhone

iPhone has a feature that can send automatic text message for incoming call. This is feature is quite useful when you are busy and unable to take calls. This tutorial provides the steps for responding calls with text message and to send custom messages.

Sending text messages for incoming calls

iPhone provides a Message option when you receive any incoming calls.

Messages Option in iPhone call

Tapping the Message option will display the following three predefined messages along with custom message.

  • I’ll call yo later.
  • I’m on my way.
  • What’s up?

Now select your preferred message that needs to be sent as text message to the caller. The caller would then receive the selected text as SMS. If you want to send your own message then tap the Custom option in the list. This would open a New Message window, where you can enter your custom SMS message.

How to change the default text message

iPhone’s Phone settings provides option to change the three predefined text messages. If you are frequently going to send the same custom message then it change the predefined text message to include this custom message. This would reduce time and effort as you can quickly pick the message from the list.

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon on iPhone Home screen.


Step 2: Scroll down the Settings screen and tap Phone option.


Step 3: In the Phone Settings, navigate to CALLS section and tap Respond wit Text option.


Step 4: Now replace any of the predefined text with your custom message. This would then start appearing under Message options for incoming calls.


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