Set alarm for daily activities on iPhone 4S

This tutorial explains the procedure for setting alarms in iPhone for your daily activities.For example if you have got the following daily activities for which you want to set alarm.

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Drop kids to School

and many moreā€¦..

Step 1: Press menu button on the iPhone to access the Home screen.

iPhone clock icon

Step 2: Tap the Clock icon on the iPhone screen.

Add alarm on iPhone

Step 3: Add a new alarm and tapping the + sign in the Alarm screen.

Set alarm time on iPhone

Step 4: After setting the time for alarm navigate to the Label option and customize the text to reflect the Activity e.g. Meditation.

Set alarm label iPhone   Change alarm label iPhone

Step 5: If you want to schedule this alarm for all days or specific weekdays then tap the Repeat option in the Alarm screen and choose your days.

Set alarm Repeat iPhone Change alarm Repeat iPhone

Step 6: Then tap the Save button in the Alarm screen to create alarm for this activity.

Save alarm on iPhone

Step 7: Then repeat the Steps from 3 to 6 to create alarm for every activity.

Create different alarm iPhone

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