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Users of iPad with out 3G enabled can still browse internet by using their Mobile Phone 3G internet connection. This can be done by users installing an internet sharing application on their Smartphone and creating a WiFi-Hotspot. Find out the steps carried out for sharing the internet connection on a Nokia N97 mini Smartphone with the iPad.

Download and Install JoikuSpot from Nokia Ovi Store. JoikuSpot app allows the users to share their mobile phone 3G internet connection. Tap the JoikuSpot icon listed on the Applications screen.


This will display the following Screen, now tap the Start icon to start the sharing of internet connection.


In the Confirmation screen, tap the Yes option to allow sharing your internet connection with external devices.


Now select Internet Connection Access Point on your mobile that needs to shared.


The following message will be displayed before creating the WiF- HotSpot.


The above experiment was done by using the JoikuSpot lite version but if you go far the premium version then you will have the option of providing security and name for your WiFi Hotspot.

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