Sim Card Backup Gadget – Replicate contacts in another SIM card


This gadget allows you to replicate your contacts onto another SIM card. Backing up the contact list of your sim card would be helpful when you lose your phone.

The device has 16KB of storage, which would be able to store 500 telephone entries. We might think when we have our computers and Bluetooth enabled phones that allow us to transfer all contact details. This gadget is not for backing up your sim contacts alone, it lets you replicate your contacts onto another sim card.

Copy your SIM card contacts to the backup tool’s internal memory, and in seconds, you can dupe them back down to another SIM card.

It has got a Password lock, Phone book viewer and a Calendar display. It is device independent so you don?t require any computer or PDA. The device is accordance with ISO / IEC 7816-3, GSM11.11 and GSM11.12 standard. It can support 3V SIM card and R-UIM card.

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