Simple Web Photo Gallery using Photoshop

We will see here how to create a simple web photo gallery using Photoshop. Once this gallery is done you can upload all the files to your server and can be viewd in the web site. Dont worry about how you are going to do this as there might be lot of steps. It is just a wizard and you will have to select what you want. Lets start,

Step 1: Keep your images in a folder with which you wanted to create a Gallery. To make it easier rename the folder as “Source” and create another new folder and name it as “Destination”.

Step 2: Open your Photoshop and select the menu as shown in the screenshot below,

File->Automate->Web Photo Gallery


Step 3 : When you click the “Web Photo Gallery” item menu you would get the screen as shown below,

Things that you need to change here are,

1. E-mail – Give any email id that you want to display in the web page.

2. Folders – Click “Browse” to select the source folder and “Destination” to select the destination folder where you gallery would get created.

3. Site Name – Name of the site that you want to display.

4. Date – Any date that should be shown.

5. Font – Any font that you like

6. Font Size – Any font size that you like


Click OK, this will take some time depending upon your system configuration. Finally you get the files created on the Destination folder. Once this is done you will get your browser opened automatically and the html page is shown something like this,


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