Slide Show keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 Slide show keyboard shortcuts

PowerPoint 2016, 2013 and 2010 Slide Show keyboard shortcut will be displayed as part Slide Show help (by pressing F1 during a Slide Show). The different Slide Show Shortcuts available as part of PowerPoint are

Slide show navigation shortcuts

Advanced to the next slide ‘N’, space, right or down arrow, enter, or page down
Return to the previous slide ‘P’, backspace, left or up arrow or page up
Go to that slide Number followed by  Enter
All Slides dialog Ctrl+S
Blacks/Unblacks the screen ‘B’ or ‘.’
End slide show Esc, Ctrl+Break, or ‘-‘
Whites/Unwhites the screen ‘W’ or ‘,’
Stop/restart automatic show ‘S’ or ‘+’
Go to hidden slide ‘H’
View task bar Ctrl+T
Hide/Show arrow on mouse move Ctrl+H/U


Rehearse or Record shortcuts

Use new time ‘T’
Use original time ‘O’
Advance  on mouse click ‘M’
Re-record slide narration and timing ‘R’


Media control shortcuts

Media – Play/Pause Alt+P
Media – Stop playback Alt+Q
Media – go to previous/next bookmark Alt+HOME/END
Media – Volume down/up Alt+Down/Up
Media – Skip backward/forward Alt+Shift+Left/Right
Media – mute/Unmute Alt+U


Ink markup shortcuts

Change pointer to pen Ctrl+P
Change pointer to arrow Ctrl+A
Change pointer to eraser Ctrl+E
Show/Hide ink markup Ctrl+M
Erase drawing on screen ‘E’

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