Stop Notification of any apps on Moto G5 Plus

Most of the apps that we have on our phone keeps throwing notifications like whatsapp or any news app. There is an option where these notifications can be stopped  for any particular app which we are not interested in. Let’s have a quick look on how to do this:

Go to the Moto app, tap Display and select Block apps. Initially this screen will be blank as by default notifications of any apps are not blocked. Click the + (plus) button at the bottom of the screen. This will list all the apps that have the feature of throwing notification to your phone.

Select the apps one by one which gets added to the list of block apps screen. When you are done with this just come of the screen and the next time you can see the notifications not getting displayed when you are connected to the internet.

When you want to get back the notifications, just follow the above steps and from the block apps screen tap the x (remove) button next to the app for which you want the notification to show up.

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